Terms of use

1. Introduction

1.1 These terms of use are for using the Schengen.insure website.

1.2 Before using the schengen.insure website, we recommend reading all the information and terms in this document and making sure you agree with them. The terms may change from time to time. Therefore, always read the most recent published version. If you do not agree with the terms described in this document, do not continue using our website.

2. Definition of terms

We, us, our – is schengen.insure, which is a trademark of Pheezen Services s.r.o. (see “Pheezen”).

Offer – the presentation of an insurance product of an insurance partner provider, including the price corresponding to the input parameters of the user and related product documentation.

Our website – all the web pages and sub-pages derived from the schengen.insure domain.

Pheezen – Pheezen Services s.r.o., ID number 09340823, address Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic.

Insurer, insurance provider – the insurance company whose products are offered on our website.

Policy holder – Pheezen Services s.r.o. that formally negotiates the insurance for the policy holder.

Insured person – a natural person for whom the insurance is purchased. The insured person can be the website user or another person for whom the insurance is obtained by the user.

Insurance provider – the insurance company represented by Pheezen whose products are offered on our website.

Product and business documentation – the insurance and business terms issued by the respective insurer for a specific insurance product (found in the detailed product descriptions). The complete product documentation for a successfully completed purchase is also available to download and is sent to your e-mail address upon completion of payment.

This website, our website – all the web pages and sub-pages derived from the schengen.insure domain.

You, to you, your, user – the person using our website (schengen.insure).

3. About us

3.1 Schengen.insure is a web site for health insurance products for foreigners coming to Schengen area countries. It provides price comparisons of product offers of insurers from Schengen area countries, so our clients can choose from various possibilities before they decide to purchase their insurance.

3.2 Schengen.insure a trademark of Pheezen Services s.r.o. (hereinafter “Pheezen”).

4. Copyright and intellectual property

4.1 All rights reserved. The contents of this website are the property of Pheezen and must not be copied, reproduced or used without the consent of Pheezen.

4.2 All the information, data and materials on this website, including all trademarks (either officially registered or unregistered), business names and indications, brands, logos and devices are owned by us or by subjects that have given us permission to use this information. This information must not be used by anyone who does not have permission from us or the owner.

4.3 You can download or copy the content of this web page, including all downloadable documents, only for personal, non-commercial use, i.e. as materials for a purchasing decision only if you will not breach any terms and rules of these terms of use.

5. Terms of the use of the website

5.1 The schengen.insure website cannot be used for personal needs. The schengen.insure website can only be used for commercial purposes where the activity related to the use of our website is not bought (unless approved by Pheezen).

5.2 By using this website, you agree that you will do nothing that could decrease or threaten its functioning and security. You also undertake to refrain from all activities that could damage, inconvenience or restrict the other users of the website or us. In addition, you undertake to refrain from all forms of collection, downloading, copying, reproducing, promoting, publishing data or content from the schengen.insure website whether obtained on- off-line (i.e. using spiders, data mining, trawling, screen scraping software, data extracting etc.).

5.3 Breaching any above rule in this chapter may lead to a response, including prohibiting access to the website or legal steps against users including reporting these activities to the police, legal and/or regulatory authorities. We will provide full assistance in any investigation, including sharing information about yourself and any other persons who will be questioned in the investigation.

6. Our services

6.1 We provide services for comparing the prices of products and services online and for purchasing insurance products of various insurers online. This service is publicly accessible and free of charge. We do not provide financial, investment, health or other consultancy on the compared products and services. The information and opinions on our website are not professional consultancy or the official opinion of individual insurance providers and we recommend consulting professional advisers or the customer support of the insurance provider directly for analyses or official, professional counsel.

6.2 The products and services offered on our website are the standard products of partner insurers meeting the general requirements for this category of insurance. We do not offer turnkey products for the individual requirements of users on our website and the user must read all these terms and verify the suitability of the product or service for their needs before purchasing. Therefore, the complete product and business documentation is always available at the product comparison phase of the online purchase and if you have any queries, we recommend contacting the insurance provider directly and consulting professional advisers or customer support about the information in each policy.

6.3 Products and prices are regularly updated and modified according to the new parameters and requirements of insurance providers, meaning they change regularly. Products and prices do not have any time validity. This means that they are only valid at the current time and cannot be referred to or requested later.

6.4 We do not guarantee offers of suitable products for all users and in some cases products with a certain combination of inputs will not be found on our web pages.

6.5 All our insurance prices are final prices and no other taxes or fees will be added to them at any time of the sale process. The insurance price (insurance premium) is VAT exempted and is not subjected to any other taxes (e.g. insurance tax).

6.6 The sales agreement between you and us (and the resulting demands, rights and obligations) are only valid and effective if the products and services from our offer are paid for, i.e. after the successful online authorization of the payment.

6.7 Our services are only provided online through this website. Some inputs and information may depend on the accessibility and the speed of the websites of third parties. Sometimes because of problems with third party websites or the Internet we will not be able to fully display all offers.

6.8 Our website contains references to websites of third parties. References to websites of third parties are only for easy orientation and convenience. However, we do not express, support, recommend or guarantee the correctness of their content. The contents of third parties’ pages are fully internally controlled and we do not have any influence or liability for the correctness and the functioning of these pages. The third parties operating these pages also have their own terms for use and protecting personal data which may differ from our own and we recommend always reading them before proceeding with any use or associated policies. We are not liable for errors, decreased quality or failure of pages of third parties to which these pages refer or misunderstandings, mistakes, decreased quality or absence of their services. We are not liable for actions related to the web pages of third parties.

6.9 We try our best to ensure the best service and security of our web pages. Nevertheless, we are not liable for computer viruses or other problems related to your devices as they are beyond our control. We recommend using suitable antivirus software on your devices.

6.10 We are not liable for any comments, opinions, evaluation, etc. of third parties on this web page.

7. Payment

7.1 Payment can only be made on our pages online either by card or through a PayPal account. The authorization and payment take place immediately after you approve the payment. No other payment methods can be used.

7.2 Payments are made separately from our website by licensed providers through their secured payment gates - PayU (cards) and PayPal. Schengen.insure does not have at any time access to any sensitive data for the payment, e.g. card number, access or security code, etc.

7.3 If for any reason the payment transaction is interrupted or rejected before its successful completion, you will be returned to the web page where you can choose another payment method. For maximum transparency and unique character for coupling payments, new payment attempts will be recorded as a new transaction with a new ID and a new insurance contract number will be generated.

7.4 By using this website, you take into consideration that for our security and the security of our clients we reserve the right to carefully check all transactions to prevent fraud and that suspicious transactions may be rejected by us or our payment method providers.

8. Rules for choosing and purchasing insurance

8.1 When choosing and purchasing insurance, the user of these web pages must provide the true and full information required by the insurance provider. Otherwise, the displayed comparison may not exactly suit their needs and the agreed insurance may be partially or fully ineffective if a claim is made. Incomplete or false data also may decrease the chance of getting a visa if the insurance is attached to an application for a schengen visa. Therefore, always carefully check the entered data before you pay the insurance.

8.2 Before completing the purchase, the user must also read, in addition to these terms of use, the complete product documentation, in particular the insurance terms of the product issued by the insurer. The complete product documentation can be found in the detailed description section of each insurance product when comparing offers. If the coverage or the insurance terms of the product do not suit you, or if the insured person does not meet some of the insurance terms or exclusions, stop the purchase and choose another alternative.

8.3 If the insured person is not the same as the person navigating our website, then this user must familiarize the insured person with the coverage of the agreed insurance and hand over all the product documentation.

8.4 Users undertake to keep all the principles of a secured purchase on the Internet and do not put themselves or other persons at risk of misuse of sensitive personal or payment information. We recommend keeping the details of your payment card private, being sure not to send the details of your payment card, PIN over the internet unless you feel secure. If you are suspicious, stop the purchase and do not share any sensitive payment information even when communicating with us. We are not liable for losses caused by the inattention or negligence of users, card holders or account owners.

8.5 For maximum security, payments for our services and products are provided separately by renowned and licensed providers via their professionally secured payment gates: PayU (cards) and PayPal. Schengen.insure does not have at any time access to any sensitive data for the payment, e.g. card number, etc. We only receive information as to whether the payment was successfully authorized or rejected from the providers. We never ask for sensitive information when communicating with customers.

9. Documentation

9.1 These terms of use are only for the use of this website and the concurrent actions of the insurance agent. The complete documentation for using these web pages, which includes these terms of use and provisions on the protection of personal data and use of cookies, is available online on this website in the Miscellaneous section. The contents of these documents can be displayed online or printed.

9.2 The product and business documentation relate to providing insurance and other transactions. We are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors in the product and business documentation from third parties (insurers, etc.).

9.3 The product and business documentation of individual insurance products can be found in the product descriptions found when comparing offers. Documents can be displayed online, downloaded or saved to your computer. We recommend reading carefully before choosing a product and purchasing insurance. If you have any questions when studying the product documentation, please contact us at info@schengen.insure or contact the insurer who issued the documentation directly.

9.4 The complete product and business documentation for a purchased product for an individual is also available to download after completing the purchase and payment on our website. It is also sent to your e-mail address upon purchase. If the insured person is the policy holder, then this user must familiarize the policy holder with the policy and hand over the all the product documentation.

9.5 We recommend carefully checking all the product and business documentation after receiving it. If there are any inaccuracies or defects, immediately contact us at info@schengen.insure. The correctness and completeness of the information is very important to eliminate problems during damage claims in the future and later complaints may not be accepted. We also recommend printing all documents and archiving them for future needs and saving all the files to your computer during the validity of the insurance.

9.6 If the insured person is different from the user who obtained the insurance, you undertake to inform insured person about all the obligations of using the product and the business documentation mentioned above in this chapter, including any consequences and sanctions if they are not kept (see next paragraph).

9.7 If any circumstances of the agreed insurance of the insured person change or become invalid during the insurance (name, address, pregnancy, etc.), always inform the insurer and proceed according to its instructions. Pheezen or schengen.insure cannot change the parameters of a previously agreed insurance policy and documentation (insurance contract, etc.).

9.8 By using our website, you agree that you will use all documentation, data and information contained in them only for the stated purposes. Likewise, you undertake not to use the information to damage other subjects (corporate bodies, natural persons) or us and will not provide it to third parties in any form to which it is not designated.

9.9 Breaching the terms of this chapter may result in being charged with a crime. In this case we will report any suspicion of misuse to the police, legal and/or regulatory authorities and we will provide full assistance, including handing over information about yourself and other relevant persons. We will also cooperate fully with the authorities if the investigation is instigated by other individuals.

9.10 We do not guarantee to store or file data or documentation that you provide to us.

10. Cancellation and refunds

10.1 Purchasing insurance through our website is classified as a ‘remote trade’ and according to the current regulations, these contracts can be cancelled within 14 days. The details and exact information about cancelling and refunding contracts are always given in the insurance terms of the product.

10.2 Other rules and terms for the cancellation or early termination of an insurance contract may differ according to individual insurance providers and are described, including claims for refunds, in the insurance terms and/or the insurance contract.

11. Protection of the consumer and personal data

11.1 Our website is in accordance with the valid legislation on the protection of personal data and sensitive data. Details can be found in the document Protection of personal data, which is also publicly accessible on our website in the Legal section.

11.2 To compare and choose suitable products and services, you will be asked to answer several questions. We only ask for information required by the insurance provider to exactly evaluate your needs and to compare suitable products.

11.3 Your answers to these questions directly affect the coverage of the products offered and the insurance premium. Therefore, you should answer all these questions truthfully, completely and to your best of your ability and conscience. If you do not answer fully and truthfully, you risk:

  • Invalidity of the purchased insurance, i.e. you will not have the right to an insurance payment for a claim
  • An increase in the premium based on a policy based on a higher-risk package
  • Rejection of an insurance claim or a decreased insurance payment

11.4 We are not liable for the product offers with valid and correct information and prices. We are also not liable for protecting and correctly handling of your personal data in accordance with the legal regulations on the protection of data and personal data.

11.5 We do not guarantee to store the data you provide. We reserve the right according on our own consideration to reject or delete any data or documents that you provide.

12. Territorial validity, language and legal framework

12.1 The services and products offered on these web pages are only for Schengen states. If despite the terms of the product and business documentation you decide to use them in countries that are not Schengen members, you will do so at your own risk. In this situation, schengen.insure does not guarantee full validity of the insurance or services and is not liable for any restricted services or inaccessibility.

12.2 In countries or areas where the distribution or the use of product information on these web pages is contrary to the local legislation or regulations, this information is only general information and is not primarily for distribution or use by subjects (natural persons or corporate bodies) in these countries or areas.

12.3 These business terms are governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic. If these business terms refer to generally binding legal regulations, they are the legal regulations valid and effective in the Czech Republic. If there is any doubt about the interpretation of these terms for use, the interpretation according to the Czech legislation will be used.

12.4 All legal discussions and notifications must be in Czech.

12.5 Other communications and correspondence with us can be in Czech or English. Correspondence can be in other languages, but it cannot be guaranteed, and it cannot be used in legal proceedings.

12.6 If there is no agreement between the contracting parties, disputes are resolved by the competent court in the Czech Republic according to the legal regulations.

12.7 If any part of these terms will be considered in the future by the respective authority invalid or ineffective, the other provisions of these terms for use remain valid and are not affected by this ruling.

12.8 These terms of use relate only to us and you and any other subject (corporate body or natural person) cannot acquire the rights and benefits of these terms of use unless stated otherwise in this document.

12.9 These terms of use are available in Czech, English, French, Spanish and Russian.

13. Electronic communication

13.1 By using this website, you take into consideration that all communication from schengen.insure or Pheezen will be electronic (mainly by e-mail) and you agree that all contracts, agreements, notifications and other correspondence sent via email meet all the legal requirements including the requirements for communication in written form.

14. Restriction of rights

14.1 We reserve the right to give a formal warning, temporarily or permanently prohibit the use of this website, if:

  • You breach any of the terms of use in this document
  • You breach or threaten to breach or make threats against the rights of other users of this website, third parties or us
  • You use or try to use this website to commit a crime.

15. Complaints

15.1 We try to provide high quality services and support to our customers, but occasionally something may fail. If such a regrettable situation occurs, we will do our best to correct it as soon as possible.

15.2 If you have a complaint about our services, please contact us by e-mail at info@schengen.insure or in writing at the address Pheezen Services s.r.o., Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic. We will reply to your message within four working days and will try to correct it as quickly as possible.

15.3 In the message please give your name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Describe the reasons for your dissatisfaction, including all important details (date of the event, insurance contract number, etc.). This will help us resolve your complaint reply quickly. If we do not have all the necessary information to investigate the circumstances of your complaint, we will contact you with a request for additional details.

15.4 If we cannot evaluate your complaint within four working days, we will send you an e-mail stating our preliminary evaluation of your complaint with the name and contact details of those responsible for settling your complaint. Within 30 days from receiving your complaint, we will send you an e-mail with the result of our investigation and final opinion or an explanation of why we cannot evaluate and resolve your complaint. We will also send you the expected deadline for resolving your complaint.

15.5 We cannot reply to complaints of insurance or service providers or be liable for this type of complaint. If your complaint concerns a product or service you purchased through our website, please directly contact the provider of the insurance or service about which you want to complain. In this case, we recommend visiting the insurance or service provider’s website and following their complaint procedures.

16. Contacts

In you have any questions please contact us:

by e-mail: info@schengen.insure

in writing: Pheezen Services s.r.o., Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

17. Related documentation

Before using our web pages, we recommend you read, in addition to this document, all the other terms and provisions of their use. All documents are publicly available on our web pages in the section Legal.

By clicking on the name of the document, you will be re-directed to pages with the respective text. They are the following documents:

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