Quick and easy
I‘m just writting you to thank for the advice regarding insurance cover when travelling to Europe. We were supposed to flight away in September but finally decided to leave already in July, you provided complete overview of our duties and a choice of good insurance providers. I have recommended  you to a lot of my friends – keep up the good work.
R. Castana, Brazil
Best choice
Hallo! Thanks to an extremely clear & quick policy buy process, I was really impressed with the price which was much less than paid by my class friends when I was planning my stay in Barcelona university. Well done!
M. Orlova, Russia
Great support
I didn’t think I’d get anything from an insurance company as it was so long after the incident, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I would like to say that the service and support I have received from the medical telephone guys  when lost in the middle of Italy looking for any medical help has been amazing! I couldn’t ask for better and will definitely stick to using your company for all future travel insurance in Europe. Hope this clears things up.
E. Reilly, USA
I would like to place on record the wonderful service provided yesterday by this web page in helping me set up a single study stay insurance to Cracow. We all take good service for granted and are quick to complain. I am quite the opposite and would wish the company to be aware of such occasions and to continue developing amazing technologies. I was in marketing for majority of my lifetime and must express the schengen.insure web page has all the necessary qualities for the job that it does. It is well-arranged, super clear, easy to understand and of course very professional. In fact a shining example to others.
Li Wang, Hong Kong
Fair and comprehensive
First look on schengen.insure, I was impressed by very professional and clear overview, what should I do when travelling to Europe for 15 months. It took me through an exhaustive information support and bring me all regarding my needs with numerous „what if‘s“. I was then presented with several quotations. This method of business is fair and reasonable where the customer only pays for what he is preffering. I am pleased so far with this company and would recommend their business practice.
A. Yildiz, Turkey