What is Schengen insurance?
Travel and health insurance meeting certain EU requirements is mandatory for everyone applying for a visa in any Schengen-member country. What’s the Schengen zone? Simply put, it’s group of European countries who have agreed to abolish passport/border control, streamlining international travel between them.
Does my health insurance work in the EU?
If you come from a non-EU country, the answer is usually no. Visa requirements among Schengen zone states are nearly identical and require a particular type of insurance. Some European insurers have introduced specialized insurance products called Schengen visa insurance. These are tailor-made solutions to meet the EU regulation and provide customers with the best European health care if needed. Even though these products were primarily designed for visa applicants, they can be also used as an alternative to traditional travel insurance for short trips that don’t require a visa.
What conditions must my insurance meet?
Rules and conditions regarding Schengen visa are described by the Visa Code (Regulation EC No. 810/2009).
Your health or travel insurance must meet following conditions:
  • Minimum coverage limit of 30.000 EUR
  • The insurance covers the necessary health care costs in case of illness, accident or death
  • The insurance covers the cost of repatriation of the insured person or his/her body (in case of death) to his/her home country
  • The policy covers the whole Schengen zone
  • The insurance coverage is valid throughout the whole duration of the stay (or transit) in the Schengen Zone
Recommendation: each Schengen zone country can apply additional conditions for the travel insurance associated with their visas. Therefore, always contact the embassy or consular office of the country you enter on your journey to the Schengen zone for their specific conditions and requirements.
Where and how can I buy the insurance?
We show you a variety of insurance products from renowned European insurers in one place. You can instantly compare their offers and choose the right insurance for you in one click:
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