Privacy policy

1. Introduction

1.1 Protecting your personal data is very important to us. Therefore, we would like to provide in this document detailed information about how we process your personal data and what rights you have in relation to processing your personal data. When processing personal data, we are governed by the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council EU 2016/679 on protecting natural persons regarding personal data processing (GDPR).

1.2 We recommend you read this document in detail. If, after reading it, you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

2. Definition of terms

Demographic data – demographic statistical data, for example, age, sex, etc.

Geo-location data – data about the geographic position of, for example, a computer or other device.

We, us, our –, which is a trademark of Pheezen Services s.r.o. (see Pheezen).

Offer – presentation of an insurance product of an insurance partner provider, including the price corresponding to the input parameters of the user and related detailed product documentation.

Our website – all the web pages and sub-pages derived from the domain

Personal data – all information about an identified or identifiable natural person, for example, name, surname, date of birth, personal number, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, etc.

Pheezen – Pheezen Services s.r.o., ID number 03972267, address Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic, which is an insurance agent supervised by the ČNB that has a permit to provide services throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

Insurer, insurance provider – the insurance company represented by Pheezen whose products are offered on our website.

Policy holder – a natural person or corporate body that formally negotiates the insurance for the policy holder and pays for the insurance. The policy holder can be the same or a different person as the insured person.

Insured person – a natural person for whom the insurance is negotiated. The insured person can be the website user or another person for whom the insurance is obtained by the user.

Insurance provider, Insurer – the insurance company represented by Pheezen whose products are offered on our website.

Sociological data – sociological statistical data, ex. employment, education, etc.

Administrator – person who states the purpose and means for processing personal data.

You, to you, your, user – the person using our website (

Personal data processing – all activities that the administrator carries out with personal data.

3. Personal data administrator

3.1 The personal data administrator is Pheezen Services s.r.o., ID number 03972267, address Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic which is the owner and operator of the domain and the business name

4. Origin of personal data

4.1 Personal data is gathered directly from you when using our website and your profile on social media when purchasing insurance and services.

4.2 In addition to these situations, we can gather your personal data, if you agree, from other sources (business partners, service providers, etc.).

4.3 We can also gather your personal data from publicly accessible registers, records, lists and other public databases on-and off-line, ex. the insolvency register, commercial register, etc. Vaše osobní údaje také můžeme získat z veřejně dostupných rejstříků, evidencí, seznamů a jiných veřejných databází online i offline, například insolvenční rejstřík, obchodní rejstřík apod.

4.4 In addition, we may gather your personal data from other interested parties or various state, supervising and other bodies and institutions if needed to meet the commitments of the contract if legal regulations require.

5. What personal data do we process?

5.1 Please note that by using our website, you acknowledge that we collect data about our current and potential clients who, by using our site, express an interest in our services or issue their consent to to receive offers of products and services. We only process personal data that allows us to provide our services, products and support in order to meet our legal and regulatory obligations while protecting our justified interests, in particular:

  1. Identification and contact data which includes your name, date of birth, gender, address, ID number and photo (license, passport), citizenship, nationality, etc. For corporate bodies, required information includes the company name, ID number and address of the registered office. Contact data includes, for example, your e-mail, telephone number, address, etc.
  2. Demographic and sociological data - mainly age, gender, employment, education, number of children, number of persons in the household, etc.
  3. Product information, i.e. which products were purchased from which insurers, extent of the insurance coverage, number of insurance contracts, etc..
  4. Geographic and geolocation data, for example, country of origin, destination, geographic data from the web browser of the computer and other devices.
  5. Payment and transaction data, regular and irregular, including the total amount, date, method and final confirmation of the payment. We do not collect and process sensitive data about payment cards or bank accounts. Payments are made separately from our website by licensed providers through their secured payment gates - PayU (cards) and PayPal. does not have access at any time to any sensitive data about the payment.
  6. Information about an ongoing or planned pregnancy for recommending suitable offers..
  7. Records of mutual communication, i.e. telephone calls, written or online correspondence, etc.

5.2 Under certain circumstances, a situation may occur where you may be asked to share the personal data of other persons, for example, about the insured person or policy holder. Before you provide the personal data of these persons, inform them that we will process their personal data in accordance with the provisions of this document. Hand over a copy of this document and make sure they know and agree with the details. Otherwise, abstain from any other actions on their behalf and do not share the personal data of these persons under any circumstances.

6. Purpose of personal data processing

6.1 Without consent

6.1.1 By using our website, you agree that we may gather and process the personal data of users, policy holders, insured and affiliate persons for the following purposes:

  1. displaying offers and presenting products and services for the user on our website and social media
  2. concluding or terminating an insurance contract
  3. the maintainence and administration of the database of users, insured persons and policy holders
  4. invoicing, receiving and recording payments and receivables,
  5. handing over personal data to the insurance providers for the sale of their products,
  6. sharing personal data within the Pheezen group and owners in the European Union for the administration of personal data and other proceedings
  7. customers satisfaction surveys to check quality and improve services, products and customer care
  8. maintaining the contractual, legal and regulatory obligations of an insurance agent
  9. processing inquiries of the user, provider of the insurance or insured person
  10. settling claims and other user submissions
  11. fraud prevention
  12. protecting the rights and interests of our users
  13. defending legal claims
  14. maintaining the legal obligations of a personal data administrator

6.1.2 For the above providing your personal data is voluntary, but necessary for concluding an insurance contract and its consequent administration. Without this data, we cannot conclude an insurance contract with you and meet the rights and obligations from it.

6.2 Marketing purpose

6.2.1 In addition, take into consideration that for the following direct marketing we may process your personal data only with your consent:

  1. sending offers of products and services of Pheezen, and our business partners as electronic messages (mainly e-mails or text and multimedia messages) or telephone calls
  2. analyses and actions leading to individualized offers and their marketing presentations and communication, including automated or semi-automated data processing
  3. market and customer satisfaction surveys
  4. sharing personal data to our business partners

6.2.2 The consent provided for marketing is voluntary. However, without this consent, we cannot provide individualized offers of products and services. The consent issued for marketing lasts five years from its issue or until you revoke it. You can revoke consent at the e-mail address or in writing at the address Pheezen Services s.r.o., Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic. When applying to revoke consent, for your identification, give your name, and date of birth as well as a telephone number and e-mail address.

6.2.3 Take into consideration that even if you do not provide or revoke marketing consent we may send you other types of communication. For example, a request for feedback, various surveys and other communications about customer care and support for quality control and to improve our services and products.

6.3 Telephone communication

6.3.1 During a telephone conversation, with the previous consent of the user, we may record telephone and save recordings of these calls, i.e. records about the user, insured person or policy holder or expressions of his personal nature. We are also entitled to use these records to evaluate the requirements of the user, the extent and quality of our services and products, evaluating and settling claims and for training purposes. The recording according to this paragraph is made only with prior notification via an automated message at the beginning of the call. If the user does not agree, he/she can hang up and contact us via e-mail at

7. Data retention length

7.1 If you consented to us processing your data only for marketing, your personal data is saved for five years from issuing the consent. In other cases, we save your personal data for the duration of the insurance contract in order to provide customer support. After the end of the contractual relationship and all commitments resulting or related to the contract are settled, we will save your personal data for the period required by the legal regulations, i.e. at least 15 years.

7.2 We have strict internal rules for keeping personal data that ensure we do not keep data longer than we are entitled or obliged to, which in practice means that as soon as the period during which we are obliged to keep personal data expires, we will delete your personal data, shred or make it anonymous in our databases and information systems.

8. Providing personal data to third parties

8.1 The records of users are only accessible to companies under Pheezen group. The user takes into consideration that we are entitled (and in some cases obliged) to provide information and data stored when providing the services of to the following extents:

  1. to third parties authorized to enforce receivables, or by the application of other rights towards the user, including passing receivables to a third party even after the end of the contractual relation with the user
  2. to courts and public administration and regulatory bodies if necessary to apply our rights or the rights of third parties or for meeting a legal obligation
  3. our business representatives, vendors of services or other subjects that are authorized to act on our behalf as an insurance agent or through a contractual relation will provide supporting services, for example settling claims, operating call-centers, to providing payment transactions, etc.
  4. to insurance providers during the sale of products and services

8.2 In addition, we also notify you that information and personal data provided to social media may be processed and stored by their operators in accordance with their own terms and rules for protecting personal data, and we have no possibility or authority to influence this processing and we do not bear any liability.

9. Your rights

9.1 If you prove your identity, you have the right to information about your personal data. You can ask to have it corrected and you may refuse to have your personal data used for marketing. In legal situations, you can ask to delete or restrict your personal data.

9.2 If you suspect your personal data has been processed contrary to the legal regulations, you can submit an objection and have the right to contact the Office for the Protection of Personal Data or to submit a complaint.

9.3 If you want to provide your personal data to another subject, i.e. another administrator, you have the right to transfer your personal data. If there are no legal or other important obstacles preventing us, we will transfer the data to the subject named by you in the stated format.

9.4 According to the specific circumstances, the above rights may be the subject to various restrictions and exceptions and each application will be considered individually.

9.5 You can apply individual rights by e-mail at or in writing at the address Pheezen Services s.r.o., Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic. All notifications and opinions on the applied rights are provided free of charge. Nevertheless, if your application is unjustified or inadequate, for example it is repeated, we are entitled to invoice an appropriate fee taking into consideration the administrative costs of providing the information. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, however, and respond within one month. If necessary, we are entitled to extend this period by two months due to complications or high volumes of application. We will inform you about any extension of this period, including the reasons.

10. Security

10.1 We regularly check the technical and organizational security measures of our information and communication systems to prevent loses, misuse or unauthorized manipulation of your personal data.

10.2 Nevertheless, please take into consideration that communications sent through web pages, e-mail or social media still take place on the Internet which is a public network. Despite the fact that our systems are secured, the risk still exists that personal data may be caught by third parties and encrypted data may be decrypted. Each user is liable for maintaining responsible use in order to assure the security of their communication (online and off-line) and careful handling of sensitive data. We do not bear liability for the manipulation and misuse of personal data if it is caused by the negligence of the user or under circumstances beyond our control.

11. Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact us:

by e-mail:

in writing: Pheezen Services s.r.o., Šimonova 1104/4, 163 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

We will respond to your message within four working days.

12. Related documentation

Before using our website, we recommend you read all the other terms and provisions. All documents are publicly available on our website in the section Legal.

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